As unique as you are.

Brands become more tangible, authentic and likeable when you let them tell you who they are. And that's the only way they can stand out from image overload. Fantomfilm is the production company that develops and films distinctive stories of companies and brands. In the process, images are created that are moving and touching and thus leave an impression on the viewer.

Promotional Film

Event Film

Real Estate Video

Educational Video


Music Video

Half documentary, half commercial. Inform here, suggest there. With a promotional film, you make your company and your values not only visible, but worth seeing. It is the film version of your corporate identity. Big pictures for 3 to 7 minutes.

Indeed, pictures say more than a thousand words. Especially when they are moving. Everything can be explained with a film. Whether filmed or animated, complicated contexts suddenly become easy to understand. This creates closeness and trust between companies and target groups.

The film of an event has to be as unique as the event itself. An event ends at some point, but its emotions and atmosphere never do. Because they were captured forever. With all the rules of the art of film and great emotions.

Expressiveness with appeal. It is an art to stage a dialogue in such a way that knowledge and opinion become a fascinating portrait that you absolutely want to listen to and watch. Regardless of the subject or person, an interview can become a captivating work of language, body language, setting, lighting and editing. And all without a script.

A dreamlike view. For buyers and sellers. After all, a real estate video is much more than a tour. It literally brings a building to life by enriching the interior and exterior with a unique atmosphere. A real estate film is an advertising spot that makes use of all cinematic tricks to influence not only rationally, but above all emotionally.

Music is the one universal language of the world. The other is film. For a film production, this means literally limitless freedom to use creativity, technology and the right groove to ensure that a song is even more stirring, gets under your skin even more or becomes even more unforgettable.

Whatever it's about, we shoot it. After all, the goal and purpose of a corporate film does not have to belong to any category. It can also be preceded by a vague idea, a wish or a thought. Whatever the briefing, in the hands of the right film production it will always become a distinctive added value.

The greater the effort, the higher the costs. Multiple locations, actors, special effects, animation, all that affects the price. Often also the quality. But a big idea doesn't always have to mean big costs. The art is to balance message and budget. Of course, there are no upper limits. Downwards, however, there are. In our eyes, a promotional film can be realized for as little as € 5,000.

The effort makes the price. An educational video translates something complex into something easy to understand, so it should not be too complex and long itself. Elaborate effects, actors, speakers, etc. might still be required. In our eyes, the range of costs starts at around € 3,000 and ends in »Hollywood«.

The costs are determined by many factors, of course. How long does the event go, how long should it be accompanied by film, should interviews and lectures be recorded, should set-up and dismantling be recorded, and so on. The price range starts at about € 3,000 and is open upwards. A voice-over, effects and music are further cost points, but also important for a maximum of emotions.

Above all, the interviewees make the interviews worth viewing and listening to. But they also depend on the setting, different camera angles, lighting, sound design, interludes, intro and outro, and much more. So of course the price depends on the effort. The price spectrum starts at around € 900 for a simple interview situation. But as the demands increase, so do the costs.

Many variables determine the cost of a real estate video. First and foremost, the size of the property. In most cases, the expense increases with the dimensions - the number of rooms, special features, perspectives and other characteristics that are to be presented. An entry-level price is around € 900. If drone footage, voice-overs, music, sounds and visual effects are required, however, the costs are on a much higher level.

A music video is possibly the most creative playground for a film production. Everything is conceivable, everything is possible. Except for an endless budget. The perfect visual translation of a song doesn't have to be expensive, though. For us, it starts at around € 5,000 and the promise to give a piece of music an unmistakable visual character.

And Action.

First, you need to know what you want to say. Then, how you want to say it. And that's where we come in, at the latest. With intensive consulting. After all, there are countless cinematic ways to tell your story. Our job is to find the right one for your goals, your target audience, your budget, your demands, your timing, your brand and your image.

1. Concept & pre-production

In the beginning there are ideas and the best one gets realized. First, however, the script must be created  including all details. This also includes location scouting, casting, film crew and equipment and much more.

2. Filming & production

On set planning and professionalism pays off in efficiency. Even when the unexpected happens. Direction, camera work, actors, lighting, sound, styling, location, props now have their big moment.

3. Editing

In the edit, the filmed sequences are put together. In such a way that tension curves and dynamics are created, which further emphasize the statements and character of the film.

4. Color correction & color grading

The film gets a look that characterizes it emotionally. Warm, close, human, cool, technical, historical, shrill, everything is possible so that the maximum effect on the viewer is achieved.

5. Sounddesign & graphic animation

The film is further enhanced by visual and acoustic effects. Meticulously worked out and skillfully placed, they give the work a final, very important polish.

See and be seen. Nothing moves like moving images.

Every decision that people make is emotionally influenced. Even the supposedly rational ones. This also applies to a company, brand, product or service. On the way to getting your target group's attention and an emotional response a film is irreplaceable: It conveys feelings like no other medium. The only prerequisite is that it must be professionally made. By filmmakers who know exactly how to tell a story so that it captivates people's senses.

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