Experiencing without being there.

The more successful an event, the longer it remains in the minds of guests. But if you want to capture it forever, it's best to have an event film produced. Well done, it captures the mood and ambience of a unique event so sensitively that you can relive every moment.

Quite simply, if your event is too good to be experienced only once.

The costs are of course determined by many factors. How long does the event last, how long should it be accompanied by film, should interviews and lectures be recorded, should set-up and dismantling be recorded, and so on. The price range starts at about € 3.000.- and is open upwards. Speaker:in, effects and music are further cost points, but also important for a maximum of emotions.

Our Toolbox

The modules for every quality and every budget

As a film production company, we want to combine even the lowest budgets with the highest demands. Our toolbox of technical and artistic elements available for an event film helps us and our customers to achieve this. Because even if the possibilities are limited, everything should still be possible.

Special Equipment

Special cameras, Steadicam, crane, dolly, light, lifting platforms and much more. – Tell us your vision and we will know what you need.


We supply and produce music, sound and sound effects for any film.


We provide ideas, create the concept and help you turn your vision into a story.


We take care of the appropriate animations that complement and enhance your film.

Drone Shots

We also do aerial shots, but without expensive helicopters.

Voiceover Eva Habermann

A voice you know for things you need to know.

Professional Actors

We provide faces that everyone knows.


We find exactly the right voice for your message.


We make your film understandable to everyone.

Make-up Artists

We organize make-up and styling artists for the perfect look in front of the camera.

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