That just has to be said.

A good interview is not a monologue, but always a dialogue - between the interviewee and the viewer. It is not only what is said - and what is not said - that is decisive. An interview also comes alive through the atmosphere, the location, the perspectives and other cinematic stylistic devices.

When someone has something to say that you not only have to hear, but also have to see.

Interviews worth seeing and hearing live above all from the interviewees. But they also depend on the setting, different camera angles, lighting, sound design, interludes, intro and outro, and much more. And so, of course, the price depends on the effort. The price spectrum starts at around € 900 for a simple interview situation. But as the demands increase, so do the costs.

Our Toolbox

The modules for every quality and every budget

As a film production company, we want to combine even the lowest budgets with the highest standards. Our toolbox of technical and artistic elements available for an interview film helps us and our customers to achieve this. Because even if the possibilities are limited, everything should still be possible.

Special Equipment

Special cameras, Steadicam, crane, dolly, light, lifting platforms and much more. – Tell us your vision and we will know what you need.


We supply and produce music, sound and sound effects for any film.


We provide ideas, create the concept and help you turn your vision into a story.


We take care of the appropriate animations that complement and enhance your film.

Drone Shots

We also do aerial shots, but without expensive helicopters.

Voiceover Eva Habermann

A voice you know for things you need to know.

Professional Actors

We provide faces that everyone knows.


We find exactly the right voice for your message.


We make your film understandable to everyone.

Make-Up Artists

We organize make-up and styling artists for the perfect look in front of the camera.

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