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Spring campaign at Fantomfilm

04/2024 - Spring is just around the corner and we have a special offer for you and your company:

Benefit from a 10% discount on all corporate films you book in April. In addition, the first ten requests will receive personal on-set coaching from Eva Habermann to perfect your presence in front of the camera. Don't miss the chance to give your corporate message an authentic shine with Fantomfilm.

You can find all further information here: *KLICK*


Eva wins CXO2.0-Award

03/2024 - Fantomfilm is proud to announce that our CEO & Founder, Eva Habermann, was honoured with the "Outstanding Leadership Award" at the prestigious CXO 2.0 conference in Dubai. This award emphasises Eva's exceptional leadership qualities and her outstanding achievements in the film industry.

Attending the CXO 2.0 conference, a leading forum for executives and industry experts, provides a valuable platform for sharing innovative trends and challenges in the business world. Click here for the article: *KLICK*

Use of generative technologies at Fantomfilm

02/2024 - With an open-minded attitude towards AI, especially since the introduction of Chat GPT, Fantomfilm is actively integrating video-based AI into their workflow to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their creative vision. AI-powered tools are revolutionising post-production and sound editing, enabling realistic 3D elements more cost-effectively and contributing to a more sustainable production process.

The latest development, OpenAI's video generator "Sora", promises another revolution in video editing. Fantomfilm remains open to these innovations, with the firm belief that there is always a human being behind every creative decision. Read the full article here: *KLICK*

Individual counselling services

01/2024 - At Fantomfilm, it's all about creativity and customised solutions for your film project. Our team brings a fresh perspective to film production - with a blend of personalised client service, interdisciplinary expertise and clever cross-media strategies. We specialise in transforming your unique ideas into compelling stories and telling them across multiple media channels. Let us surprise you with our creative and effective approaches and find out more about how we can turn your visions into reality.

Curious to find out more? Dive deeper into our world and read the full article here: *KLICK*

Green Producing

11/2023 - Green News - we are actively committed to a sustainable film industry. In an industry that is often associated with high resource consumption, we strive to minimise our environmental footprint. Our measures include utilising digital documentation techniques, reducing the use of disposable materials and using energy-efficient lighting technologies.

We also rely on local teams for our filming to reduce travel emissions and promote the use of cargo bikes for transport purposes. These steps reflect our endeavours to establish sustainability as an integral part of our production processes. Ask us for more information or have a look at this article.

New project -Melody of Fear

10/2023 - Fantomfilm is proud to announce Eva Habermann's first US convention appearance at the "Wintercon - New York SciFi Expo".

After the Expo, it's straight on to Alabama, where preparations for our next exciting project "Melody of Fear" are entering the hot phase.

See a first concept art element and the logline here:

    Carina fears that her father is losing his mind. But when she meets his newest friend - a centuries-old French vampire - she realizes that his body and soul are in danger, too.

For more details, click here.

Daimler Truck GBR - Activity Report 2023

10/2023 - Continuity pays off.

This year, we once again staged the activity report of the Daimler Truck General Works Council. Thanks to continued cooperation, we were able to use valuable experience to enhance quality and creativity. The result is a multifaceted and informative report that is convincing.

We are honored to once again be the lead partner in this important and interesting project. We thank you for your continued trust and look forward optimistically to future joint projects.

Many thanks to all involved:

  •     Moderation: Nicolai Tegeler
  •     Concept, texts, additional footage: Matthias Krust and Christina Sambale
  •     Camera and editing: Alexander Marcus König
  •     Camera studio: Gunnar Rossow
  •     Keying and 3D-VfX: Fabian Fritsch
  •     Producer: Eva Habermann

... and all colleagues of the Daimler Truck GBR.

Six years of Fantomfilm

09/2023 - Six years ago we began our journey - a journey marked by learning, daring, making and doing with creativity and a constant quest to tell good stories.

Six years of award-winning films, strong partnerships and unforgettable moments. From idea to execution, we always keep the story at the centre.

We thank everyone who has made this journey possible - our partners, clients and of course our incredible team. Together we have laid the foundation for many more successful years.

Look forward to exciting new projects, because the Fantomfilm journey continues.

Two of our films among the 13 best horror comedies in Germany!

08/2023 - Attention, great news! Two of our films have made it onto the Moviepilot list of the best German horror comedies!

Moviepilot is well-known among film fans in the German-speaking world: The platform not only offers current news and background information on films and series, but also a huge community that rates and discusses films.

For us, having two of our productions rated so highly is like winning an Oscar.... well, almost. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was involved in the making of those films!

Stay tuned for more scary funny adventures from Fantomfilm!

Fantomfilm is nominated by the CXO 2.0 Conference

08/2023 - In the heart of Berlin, a city with a rich cultural history, we have passionately devoted ourselves to film production. Each of our projects is a reflection of our attention to detail, creative vision and commitment to telling touching stories. It is this dedication that has earned us a nomination for the prestigious "CXO 2.0 CONFERENCE OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP AWARD".

This is not only a recognition of our hard work, but also an acknowledgement of the creative energy and innovation that each member of our team brings to the productions. While we celebrate this special moment, we also want to highlight the cultural diversity and inspiring people of Berlin, who have always been our greatest source of inspiration. It fills us with immense pride to represent Berlin and its creative community on such an international stage.

Fantomfilm provides ENG crews

07/2023 - Fantomfilm has had the pleasure of producing features for renowned broadcasters such as ARD and ZDF in recent weeks and months.

Our professional team not only provides first-class technical implementation, but also ensures smooth processing.

And what do our customers say? The feedback is overwhelming! If you, too, need an experienced and flexible team for mobile operations, please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.

We look forward to making your visions come true, too!

Event film for ICON INCAR

06/2023 - We are very happy to announce that our event film for ICON INCAR's anniversary was a complete success. Shot, edited and presented directly on location, the film captured not only the lively but smooth energy of the celebration, but also the spirit of innovation and unique team spirit that ICON INCAR embodies.

The successful project showcases the synergy between our creative vision and our client's inspiring journey. We look forward to the stories yet to be told and the milestones yet to be celebrated.

Are you also interested in an event clip? Ask us anytime without commitment.

Fantomfilm is pitching!

06/2023 - From June 20-26, the popular film festival FEST took place in Espinho/Portugal and we had the honor to present our comedy project GÖÖRLS, still in development, in the pitching forum.

"Asshole or homebody? Bad boy or ally? Three different guys on their way to manhood grapple with the new roles on their desperate quest to date girls. Smart SoyBoy Alex, lovable Simp Basti and resourceful Fuck Boy Steve will go to absurd lengths to impress women. But in the age of Tinder, #metoo and Toxic Masculinity, what does it even mean to be a "real" man?"

Go to the festival page here.

Demo Tapes for Actors

05/2023 - Fantastic news for all acting talents: Fantomfilm makes your dream scenes shine in professional demo tapes! You have the vision, we make it happen.

Whether you want to shoot completely new scenes or have existing footage polished and edited, we are ready to make your project a reality for a fair price! Regardless of age or gender, we welcome everyone to join us in creating great clips like THIS or THIS with the talented Michelle.

Come join us and let's create your acting future together!

We are developing new stuff!

04/2023 - If you've been wondering why our social media channels have been a little quiet lately, don't worry, we haven't disappeared! In fact, we're busy working behind the scenes on new projects to surprise you with fresh and exciting entertainment soon!

We make it a point to take our time and effort to create something really special and fascinating for you.

Stay curious and excited - more details will be coming soon.

Editing suite in Berlin Mitte

03/2023 - Welcome to our state-of-the-art editing suite in Berlin Mitte!

We have a first-class editing suite in the heart of Berlin, equipped with AVID Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Cloud, including Premiere, Photoshop and After Effects for all creative production needs.

We provide experienced editors to perfectly execute your requests. Feel free to ask us about availabilities and enjoy a relaxed post-production experience with powerful high-speed fiber-optic working through our server environment.

Oh yes: Really good coffee and a lounge area are also available. :)

If you have any questions, feel free to call us anytime.

Corporate communication made by Fantomfilm

02/2023 - For our client Daimler Truck in Mannheim we were privileged to realize a successful shoot for their internal communication campaign. As a film production company, we place great value on close cooperation with our customers and successful implementation of the wishes and objectives of our clients.

We are proud to be able to convince Daimler Truck with our professional work and commitment and look forward to realizing successful projects together in the future.

Would you also like to take your corporate communications to a new level and convey convincing messages? No problem. Contact us at any time by phone, e-mail or use the contact form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

CYST Dubbing

01/2023 - Did you know that we produced the German dubbing for CYST ourselves? One of the main reasons for the self-production was that we really wanted to use the voice of George Hardy (Peter Harting), known from the cult film Troll 2, and this would not have been possible through a license holder.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that licensees do not put enough time and resources into the dubbing of a film, resulting in a dubbed uniformity.

We wanted to avoid this happening with CYST. So the dubbing book was written internally by Alex König and Nicolai Tegeler, and Eva Habermann and Heike Schroetter directed. How did you like it?

New movie review of "The Ugly Truth".

01/2023 - An interesting review of our film The Ugly Truth:

"Director Krishna Ashu Bhati can rely first and foremost on the cast, in addition to the exceedingly adept camera. Eva Habermann gained a whopping 15 kilos in half a year for the role, so that you really believe her bloated appearance of an alcoholic.

Consequently, her outstanding performance outshines all her co-stars, but Grüsser also manages to function as a sympathetic figure who occasionally puts his foot in his mouth, which every forty-year-old has encountered before."

Many thanks to OFDb!

Annual Cinema Charts 2022

12/2022 - This year we were pleased to produce the annual cinema charts again for our client media control.

The TOP 5 motion pictures of the past year are honored on the basis of attendance statistics and presented in an exciting way with trailer material in this ranking show, which can also be seen on Baden TV.

Here is the link to the finished show.

Eva live at DAS! on NDR

12/2022 - Eva was a live guest on the red sofa of the NDR program "DAS!" at the beginning of December and spoke openly about topics such as depression and excessive alcohol consumption, which are also relevant in our film "The Ugly Truth".

"For me it was a matter of the heart to make a film about the topic of depression, because I have gone through this illness myself".

Interview worth watching with remarkable statements.

We make event films

11/2022 - We created an event film for the Daimler Truck Leadership Conference 2022 in Rottweil - within 36 hours!

The two-day event culminated on day 2 when our film, edited on site and made ready for screening, was seen across the screens. Thank you very much for your trust.

Would you also like to capture your event in high-quality moving images? Here's all the info.

Lilly Liefers' debut as a singer

1/2022 - As the title track to "The Ugly Truth," Lilly Liefers has teamed up with music producer Toni Hauschild and songwriter Ann Christine Sunesen to create "Edge of Myself."

Set in the genre of dark pop, Lilly's vocal debut will be available everywhere from November 18, 2022. And sure enough: you can find the accompanying music video on our YouTube channel. Take a look.

"The Ugly Truth" is available!

11/2022 - On November 11, 2022, our award-winning family drama "The Ugly Truth" will be released on many popular portals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, such as Apple TV, Prime Video, Pantaflix or Behind The Tree.

If you don't want to miss out on a "physical copy", you can order a BluRay or DVD directly from We are looking forward to hear your feedback!

Innovation for the Daimler Truck general works council

10/2022 - Every year, the General Works Council of Daimler Truck AG prepares an activity report on the past 12 months - this year in cinematic form for the first time. We are proud to present the result of this Fantomfilm corporate commission: *CLICK*

produced by Fantomfilm, narrator: Heike Schroetter

Release date for "The Ugly Truth"

09/2022 - The Ugly Truth has been given a release date! Via and B.Spree Pictures our film will be available on many VOD platforms and as DVD and BluRay in stores from 11.11.22.

BEST FOREIGN FILM for The Ugly Truth

09/2022 - Our film The Ugly Truth is in the final stages of its festival tour and has since won over 50 awards. The most recent one at the Realtime International FILM Festival in Nigeria as BEST FOREIGN FILM. Congratulations to the whole team!

By the way: soon "The Real Beauty" will be available as VOD and BluRay/DVD. More info will follow soon

CYST on Amazon Prime FREEVEE

08/2022 - Starting 08/22/2022, our creature horror comedy CYST will be available on Amazon for free(vee) via Prime subscription. So folks - check it out. Friends of "Practical Effects" will get their money's worth. Promised.

Filmstarts also reports about it : *CLICK "It's pretty disgusting, but also damn fun" ... Ok!


08/2022 - We are very excited today because our co-production SWEET DISASTER (click and watch trailer) will be shown in selected German cinemas starting 08/11/2022.

Folks, whoever is reading this: Support indie filmmaking and go to the movies again. We'd be even more excited if you did ;)


Silver Award at World Media Festivals 2022

07/2022 - At the WorldMediaFestivals 2022 in Hamburg, we beat out more than 800 competitors to win the Silver Award in the "Corporate Communications" category. Don't miss the clip, a thank you from and to the team, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

"The WorldMediaFestivals in Germany's media capital Hamburg are among the most important events in the industry, and the award winners are among the best in their field."

CYST - japanese artwork released

07/2022 - We received this great artwork from Japan for our production CYST and of course we don't want to withhold it from you.

It's nice to see that this cult creature horror comedy manages to appeal to different cultures.

By the way, the Japanese trailer is also quite something. Have a look: *CLICK

Trailer-Release for SWEET DISASTER

06/2022 - Since today there is the official trailer for our co-production Sweet Disaster.

"Frida is 40 - and suddenly pregnant. Just as unexpectedly, she is then abandoned by the child's father Felix, even before she can tell him the happy news. Felix is back with his ex, but Frida uses bright colors not only in her painting classes, but also to embellish unpleasant truths: She doesn't want to accept the breakup and tries all means, most of them quite absurd, to win him back. She is supported by 15-year-old Yolanda, who provides the necessary spy equipment. Sweet disaster is inevitable!"


06/2022 - At the Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Madrid 2022 Eva Habermann wins the price for BEST ACTRESS. Thank you and Congratulations! The Fantom is proud of you, dear Eva.

"BEST WORLD FILM" at the 17. Harlem International Film Festival

05/2022 - The Ugrly Truth was able to win the price for "BEST WORLD FILM" at the Harlem International Film Festival.

Celebrating the art of cinema in the home of the Harlem Renaissance, The Harlem International Film Festival inspires and entertains by honoring dynamic films by anyone about anything under the sun. Conceived from the belief that we all have unique experiences and perspectives to share, the Festival actively seeks and exhibits fresh and urgent work.

CYST - US-RELEASE on June 21st 2022

05/2022 - Festering NEWS! After our film CYST has already been released in Germany in September 2021, the US Creature Feature fans can now also rejoice. On 06/21/2022, this particularly popping, trash-star-studded horror comedy will also come out in the United States. "Let's blast this thing!"

Best Producer Award for Eva Habermann and Alexander König

05/2022 - At the Santa Barbara Film Awards we won a very nice award for us. As an award for the overall product Eva and Alex got the award for Best Producer in Santa Barbara/USA. Here is the link to the winners.

Eight Awards for "The Ugly Truth" at the Northern Virginia International Film and Music Festival

04/2022 - It's so nice to see this film and this issue getting so much international recognition. Here is the link to the award winners: *CLICK*



***BEST ACTOR –Marcus Grüsser***

***BEST SUP. ACTR. –Eva Habermann***





Three awards in one week for "The Ugly Truth"

04/2022 - In April, our production The Real Beauty won three more awards. At the London Movie Awards - Honorable Mention, the Silver Award for Best Feature Film at the Hollywood Gold Awards and the award for Best Feature Film at the Florence Film Awards. Super Nice!

Here is the trailer:

Best Feature Film in New York

04/2022 - And again, The Ugly Truth won an award for Best Feature - this time at the International World Film Awards in New York. Festival info: "International World Film Awards is an IMDb Qualifying Festival film festival held once a year in one of the largest cultural centers in New York. We are one of the few short and feature length film festivals."

The Ugly Truth wins another award

03/2022 - Awesome! Best Narrative Feature - Award for The Ugly Truth at the Toronto Film Awards. "The fest is designed to support filmmakers regardless of their budgets, this prestigious festival celebrates the best of contemporary independent filmmaking. We focus on international independent film and script projects of all genres."

The Ugly Truth in Harlem

03/2022 - Really good news: The Ugly Truth will be showing at the renowned Harlem International Film Festival: "The Harlem International Film Festival inspires and entertains by honoring dynamic films by anyone about anything under the sun. Conceived from the belief that we all have unique experiences and perspectives to share, the Festival actively seeks and exhibits fresh and urgent work."


New Festival-Selection for "The Ugly Truth"

02/2022 - the newest festival selection for The Ugly Truth. This time for the Scotland International Festival of Cinema 🤩 Info here: "The Scotland International Festival of Cinema (SIFC) is dedicated to providing a showcase for emerging talent in independent film. Our goal is to provide a forum in which up and coming filmmakers can connect with established industry professionals, to advance and promote their work, within an atmosphere supportive of independent cinema."

Prison City Film Festival

02/2022 - The Ugly Truth is currently playing at many festivals, but our film has never received as many nominations as it did at the Prison City Film Festival in Texas. A whopping 14 nominations in the categories. Wow! Thanks and congratulations to all nominees from our team.

Oceanside Intl Film Festival: "The Ugly Truth" wins four awards.

02/2022 - The Ugly Truth managed to win four awards at the Oceanside Intl Film Festival. The Winner categories: Best Picture, Best Narrative Feature, as well as Best Actress (Caroline Hartig) and Best Script (Krishna Ashu Bhati, Eva Habermann). We are very happy and say congratulations to the award winners and to the entire team. 🤩


02/2022 - Schöne Review von zur Fantomfilm Co-Produktion Sweet Disaster von Regisseurin Laura Lehmus. "Auf Surreales muss man sich gefasst machen im Spielfilmdebüt von Laura Lehmus, die zuvor mit kurzen Trickfilmen und als Artdirektorin auf sich aufmerksam gemacht hat. Denn in der Welt von Frida (Friederike Kempter) steht alles Kopf." 🤩

Oceanside Intl Film Festival Nominierung

02/2022 - Diese Woche findet das Oceanside Intl Film Festival in Kalifornien statt. Unser Film Die wahre Schönheit ist in zehn (!) Kategorien nominiert und wird am 27.02. gezeigt. Wir freuen uns sehr!

A new podcast is online

01/2022 - Mit Schirm, Charme und Demenz- Der interaktive Angehörigen-Talk (a podcast about dementia) Eva talked about various current and permanently important topics. Have a listen!😀 "A talk full of courage, warmth and stregth ❤About the love of film ( among others "The Ugly Truth" ) and of life! We shouldn't lose the child in us!! Eva Habermann encourages getting help in crises and difficult situations. oder auf Soundcloud nachhören:"

Daimler general works council launches new video

01/2022 - A new project for the Daimler General Works Council is online since today.

if you want to watch it, use this link:

A very nice review for CYST

01/2022 - "... I must honestly admit that "Cyst" surprised me positively. A film that lives up to its genre as a trash horror movie with lots of splatter, movie blood and other disgusting bodily fluids."

Read an interesting, honest review by Marc Maurer of Glotz Clever TV about our film CYST here!

Best Feature Film for "The Ugly Truth"

The Ugly Truth won the award for "Best Feature Film" in Nazareth. We are very happy and send congratulations to the whole team!

"Festival participants from all over the world will show their works. We believe that Near Nazareth Festival is the best place for them to present their works.

More than 3500 participants from 70 countries from 5 continents have presented their films and works at the festival in Israel since 2015."

The official Anuual Cinema Charts produced by Fantomfilm

Which film attracted the most viewers to theaters in 2021?

Desirée has the answer in the official annual cinema charts 2021 - evaluated by our partner Media Control. Produced by us. Take a look.

Podcast with Eva

A new podcast from "Die Medienhuren" about "Eva's career as an actress and her work as a producer of relevant genre fare like Sky Sharks (2021) and CYST (2021)" is online.

There are also interesting details about Fantomfilm's upcoming film The Ugly Truth (2021), which is currently showing at numerous festivals. "An interesting conversation about working between ZDF's early evening programming and independent films." *CLICK*

Germany Premerie for The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth will celebrate its German premiere at the Braunschweig International Film Festival.

On 05.11.2021 it's finally happening. We are so excited to finally show the film on the big screen.

Tickets & more info can be found here.

RELEASE DAY! CYST - VoD from today on

"CYST , an excellent horror comedy in the footsteps of H.P. Lovecraft in the style of the B-movie horror hits of Roger Corman, Jack Arnold and William Castle from the 50's & 60's with uncompromising modern effects work had its theatrical premiere at the Arrow-FrighFest Festival on October 24, 2020 in London and also screened at the Splat!FilmFest horror film festival in Poland."

The film production company in the heart of Berlin

Fantomfilm is a young full-service film production from Berlin Mitte. We create corporate films from A-Z and plan campaigns for your product or company. We operate internationally and regionally. Contact us anytime without obligation and let's talk about your film project.

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