Feature, Germany 2020, 93 Min., 2K
Director: Eric Hordes
produced by Fantomfilm GmbH

Trolls World - voll vertrollt! aka.
UnderConTROLL - possessed by a Monster (2020)

Based on an old legend of the Black Forest, "Trolls World" follows an evil troll who was turned into a stone statue in the 14th century.
Through a mishap, this statue is discovered during construction work and
the troll comes back to life. He seeks revenge.

To remain undiscovered, the troll takes possession of the body of the quirky
blonde Vanessa Mayer (Eva Habermann) and plans to open a portal to the world of the trolls in order to
to free his brothers from their prison.

Only the oddball scientist "Dr. Fischer" (Helmut Krauss), a naturally curious
and chatty neighbor (Cecilia Pillado) and Vanessa's teenage daughter "Natalja" (Desiree Altig) suspect that something terrible
is about to happen and desperately try to stop the troll from carrying out his threatening plan.




Eva Habermann, Helmut Krauss, Katy Karrenbauer, Désirée Nick, Ralf Bauer, Billie Zöckler, Jirí Lábus,
Lutz van der Horst, George Hardy, Santiago Ziesmer, Cecilia Pillado, Rainer König, Julian David,
Desirée Altig, Nadir Sisman, Uwe Karpa, Mario Teschke uvm.

Voice Artists

Christopher Sabat, Jason Douglas, David Born, Marcy Bannor, Patty Wirtz, Elisabeth Maxwell,
Jason Liebrecht, Brad Weaver, Jim Foronda, Jochen Schröder, Achim Schülke, Helmut Krauss,
Franziska Pigulla, Regina Lemnitz, Inez Günther, Victoria Frenze, Kim Hasper, Jürgen Kluckert,
Bodo Wolf, Tommy Piper, Santiago Ziesmer, Thomas Petruo, Jason Liebrecht, Brad Weaver,
Jim Foronda

Behind the Scenes


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