Music to your eyes.

What makes one song more successful than another? Its music, of course. But also its charisma. In both senses of the word. Its media distribution and its look. Yes, its look. Ever since we started carrying MTV around with us on our smartphones wherever we go, audio without video has become almost unthinkable. It's a must. But a music video, after all, is also an opportunity to give a track even more punch. And if the budget is limited? Doesn't matter, creativity never is.

Our Toolbox

Special Equipment

<p>Special cameras, Steadicam, crane, dolly, light, lifting platforms and much more. – Tell us your vision and we will know what you need.</p>


<p>We supply and produce music, sound and sound effects for any film.</p>


<p>We provide ideas, create the concept and help you turn your vision into a story.</p>


<p>We take care of the appropriate animations that complement and enhance your film.</p>

Drone Shots

<p>We also do aerial shots, but without expensive helicopters.</p>

Voiceover Eva Habermann

<p>A voice you know for things you need to know.</p>

Professional Actors

<p>We provide faces that everyone knows.</p>


<p>We find exactly the right voice for your message.</p>


<p>We make your film understandable to everyone.</p>

Make-Up Artists

<p>We organize make-up and styling artists for the perfect look in front of the camera.</p>

When you want a good song to be even better. When you want to use the full potential of the music. If you want to conquer viewers and charts. In short, when you want to earn money with a song.

A music video is probably the most creative playground for a film production. Everything is conceivable, everything is possible. Just not an endlessly large budget. The perfect visual translation of a song doesn't have to be expensive at all. For us, it starts at around € 5,000 and the promise to give a piece of music an unmistakable look.

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