Action creates motivation.

Take control of every performance. 

Eva Habermann, an actress with over 30 years of experience, offers coaching sessions for speakers, CEOs of companies in all sectors and anyone who wants to prepare their public presentation professionally or build confidence in front of the camera. The focus is on understanding your own strengths and weaknesses, learning a wide range of skills and what is important when performing live or in front of the camera. Fantomfilm also offers the opportunity to practice and analyze your performance directly in front of a camera and to develop a relaxed relationship with the camera and the audience.

Eva Habermann's aim is to show her clients how they can take their public perception to a new level and thus increase the success of their career. 

Media coaching for all those in the spotlight

Eva Habermann's coaching goes far beyond external aspects such as practising your performance - it is in-depth work with your inner potential. The aim is to get to know your personality, power and impact so that you can then use these elements consciously. This unique approach is known as the PKW method (composed of the german translation) and has already proven itself many times over. Find out here how Eva can help you to achieve your "super-me".

Individual and targeted coaching: Whether you are preparing for public speaking, interviews or business presentations, Eva will adapt to your needs. You can book individual sessions or opt for an intensive weekly training course lasting four days. The sessions take place in the quiet rooms of Fantomfilm GmbH or, if you prefer, in your own office. Virtual coaching via Zoom is also possible. 

First meeting: Before you start, you will meet Eva for a free introductory meeting to discuss your goals and wishes (this meeting is also possible via Zoom). This is the foundation for successful coaching that is individually tailored and will help you personally. 

Eva Habermann looks forward to accompanying and supporting you on this exciting journey.



If you have a one-off or regular public appearance or performance in front of the camera and find it difficult. Good coaching will help you to minimize stage fright and be well prepared to get your message across in the best possible way. 

The cost of coaching can vary depending on the extent of the service. For individual coaching sessions, we charge an average of 150 to 200 Euros per hour. The coaching sessions are also offered as a bundle of a four-day coaching and are then usually a little cheaper. 

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