Feature, USA 2020, 73 Min., 2K
Regie: Tyler Russell
produced by Fantomfilm

Cyst (2021)

In the early 1960s, a small-town doctor (George Hardy) invents a machine that uses laser technology to remove skin abnormalities. He pulls out all stops to make sure his final chance to get the patent on his "Get Gone" machine goes smoothly but his nurse (Eva Habermann) thinks the machine is dangerous and not ready.


The struggle between the two causes the machine to malfunction creating a cyst monster that goes on a rampage in the doctor's office.




George Hardy, Eva Habermann, Greg Sestero, Darren Ewing, Jason Douglas, Gene Jones,
Francesca Santoro, Torren Davis, Terry Merritt Bennett, Keturah Branch, Brianna Anderson, Kyle Roberts

Voice Artists

Peter Harting, Eva Habermann, Sven Plate, Rainer Gerlach, Luise Lunow, Dela Dabulamanzi, Sven Brieger, Nils Nelleßen, Patrizia Carlucci, Nicolai Tegeler, Bettina Anna Heinecke

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